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L.L.W.C.'s theme for 2018: Walking in my newness in 2018.

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Join us for the Upcoming LLM Annual Marriage Retreat!

6th Annual Marriage Retreat 

5th Annual Marriage Retreat 

4th Annual Marriage Retreat

3rd Annual Marriage Retreat

2nd Annual Marriage Retreat



If you have previously focused energy on what you don’t have and don’t like, it’s time to change that to focusing on what you are doing to make the change you want happen.
You now have the power to never again suffer from the ignorance that may have held you back from all that God has for you. With God's truth it will open up your mind to possibilities and opportunities you never dreamed of. To create this renewed mindset, the first step is to take the appropriate actions in God's word that will lead you to the destiny that God has designed. To make this as practical as possible, you will discover in God's word a process that will lead you into a positive change in your life. You will be able to apply everything you learned as you go about creating a picture that is more vivid and clearer than ever before.
While you go through life, keep in mind that your view of the world includes your insights and your ignorances that are either helping or hindering your progress. In studying God's word you will increase your awareness and decrease your ignorance. Your life will become easier and you will face less friction as you make changes.
Lamb & Lion Ministries is where ignorance stops and truth begins; so get ready for a new and exciting destiny that God has prepared for your life.